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Urban Sunset Pillow - Green

Urban Sunset Pillow - Green

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Statement-Makin' Cushions – These ain't your grandma's pillows. We're talking plush pieces that turn any room from 'meh' to 'yeah!' Available in various sizes, these pillows are here to vibe up your space and make it 100% you.

✨ 100% Polyester cover – Smooth and durable, like your favorite sneaker. 🛌 Includes a cozy 100% Polyester pillow – Comfort that's got your back. 🎨 Double-sided print – Twice the style for one spot. 🤫 Concealed zipper – Keeps it sleek with no peek-a-boo stuffing. 📏 Note: These babies are pre-constructed, so size might vary by about +/- 0.5".

Throw 'em on your couch, bed, or floor, and watch your room come alive. It's not just a pillow, it's a personal statement. #PillowTalk 🚀🛋️"

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