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ArmorShell Phone Cases - Black

ArmorShell Phone Cases - Black

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Custom Shield Cases –
Wrap your phone in the ultimate protection with a side of personal flair. This tough case isn't just a protector; it's a canvas for your creativity. Crafted for impact with a lightweight design, it ensures your phone survives the drops while looking top-notch. The perfect blend of polycarbonate and TPU guards against bumps and bruises, with a 2-piece design that's all about shock absorption. And that inner rubber liner? It's like a cozy blanket for your phone, but with armor.

✨ Polycarbonate & TPU build – A duo that’s hard on impact, soft on your phone.

🛡️ 2-piece design – For when life throws its worst, your phone stays its best.

🎨 Glossy finish – Turns heads with every call.

🔄 Wireless charging ready – Power up without wires getting in the way (MagSafe excluded).

📱 Fits like a glove – From iPhone 7 to 15 & more, we’ve got your back. Step into the spotlight with protection that’s also a statement. The 'Custom Shield Cases' are here to keep your tech safe and swagged out. #TechTough 🚀📱

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